Low operating cost local digital agency

Based on WebAsOne.

For 19 years, I live in a city of 100,000. The 3- to 5-year-old agencies either quit or move to larger towns with high-paying customers. Solopreneurs are always lurking to compete against customers. The main reason is using similar technologies. Others will be able to copy any successful strategies. Customers are savvy and always looking for the best value providers. The only ones left are your personal marking skills or to serve niche markets. The other common strategy is to productize the service.
WebAsOne is a vertically integrated, continuously improving website-process platform and not a website technology platform. The goal is to use minimal man labor to create the maximum output. For example, WebAsOne is designed to capture the process of building a custom animated website and make it a reusable no-code or minimal-code component. WebAsOne will not be the first, but the goal is the most efficient to create a similar type.

Low operating cost local digital agency strategies to provide the best value to customers.

Similar to the manufacturer-to-consumer concept. All agencies are networked with minimal overlapping areas. 

(1) Small team, 1 to 3 person
(2) Single-stage design process
(3) Vertically integrated website platform to reduce website operating cost
(4) Continuous increasing types of websites to serve
(5) To provide local websites with a free listing service
(6) To offer the marketing services that a fully staffed agency provides
(7) Bottom-up approach to the market
(8) Free to start and absolutely no fee to sign up.
(1) Small team, so no staffing overhead.
(2) Single-stage design process. A WebAsOne integrator can create custom layout designs in 10 minutes with animations. Use an actual website to communicate with the customers. This will save lots of time and process in creating a website. This is why we provide "See your website before you pay." without a contract. Because of the single-stage process, we can offer further customization at a reasonable price in the future. The scope of available customization is almost the entire website. The average website lifespan is less than three years, but WebAsOne websites can last much longer.
(3) The vertically integrated platform will reduce the operating cost dramatically. A $12 monthly server can efficiently manage more than 100 remote-hosted websites. The website could be a 1000-page website. The default website loading time is 3 seconds. A single person will be able to manage hundreds of websites.
(4) Continuous increasing types of websites to serve. The new design and app components will be added regularly and available to be used, including new or existing sites. You will be able to add your own, too. One template to serve all types of websites, from a single page to CNN complexity websites. WebAsOne also provides productized websites as a service. The local agency will be the acting representative of those productized services. 
(5) Similar to Craiglist, to provide free local website listing. i.e., E-Commerce sites listing for locals to find/support locals. Serve local communities.
(6) To offer the marketing services that a fully staffed agency provides. This can be accomplished through networked agencies or by WebAsOne.

Low Operating Cost Local Agency As a Service

  • Lowest website operation cost
  • Instant interactive, customized
  • website design Create Html/CSS/js, SVG or svelte design block Forever
  • all-changeable websites
  • Best cost/solutions for end customers
  • Local www directory service
  • Smaller team, more services
  • SuiteCRM included a Free tryout.
  • Very different. Seeing is believing

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