Hard to start

Local digital agency

Why ?  Similar processes

Local Agency As a Service

  • May has the lowest website operation cost

  • Provide best cost/solution for end customer

  • Local www directory service

  • Smaller team, more services

  • SuiteCRM and Bugzilla included

  • Free tryout. Seeing is believing

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Single State

Say Goodby to

Complicated multi-state

website processes


www directory as a service

  • Self post
    • Information, shopping cart
    • websites and more
  • Find information, search, shop and more
  • Build, and serve local community
    • Share information
    • Buy/Sale goods from each others
  • Leads come to you. Win - Win.


AsOne Family

  • Local focus
  • No competition from each other 
  • Help, benefit from other agencies
  • WebAsOne to provide
    • Latest technologies and trend
    • More design, website apps