Try the demo website, link

  • Two type of pagination style

    • click, community activities : text only
    • click, community artist: image and text
  • Top of pagination items, possible top link

    • text post
    • website post
    • shopping cart post
    • online class 
    • external website
  1. Register at posting site. Click the "Agency" tab
  2. Check post, and then click "Create Website"
  3. Read and click "Update Website"
  4. Click " .. to select service" ShortCut
  5. Click "select your service"
  6. Check post, select post directory, Click Select
  7. Click "ShortCut" tab 
  8. Two new shortCut will be available
  9. for portal website
    • "display text" : enter text/image for pagination item or external link
    • "info-1": enter linked info the pagination time
  10. Can do multiple post. Click "ShortCut" to go to step 5
Note, for all selection at Step 5 will have a common "for portal website" shortCut.
Layer 1 Three shortCuts for post website 2. Website-1 3. Website-2 4. Website-3 A Module A Module A Module A Module A Module A Module A Module can be text, image, image/text, slider, tab For self update, no support. Professional custom website help is available.
  • Cost will be $12 per quarter
  • Use "Update shopping cart item" to update
  • Register at and link your account
  • We will make it link to your account
  • Any payment questions/issues contact stripe. Do not contact us.
  • Login to posting site
  • Click "Agency"
  • Check online class, and click "Create Website"
  • Click Manage and follow the instructions
  • Try upload class
  • Contact us for more details